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Top 10 Web Widgets for your blog

Whether you have a personal web page, a blog or a social profile here is a list of most popular web widgets.

Twitter Rocks

Top 10 MUST HAVE Web Widgets for your online page.
(sorted alphabetically)

1. Bookmark This -
2. Email Subscription - Widget
3. Picture Badge -
4. Recent Visitor -
5. Search Blog -
6. Snapshot widget -
7. Twitter Update -
8. Playlist Video Widget -
9. Web Poll Widget -
10. What I am Listening -

1. Bookmark This


2. Email Subscription


3. Picture Badge


4. Recent Visitor


5. Search Blog


6. Snapshot widget


7. Twitter Update


8. Video Playlist Widget

- Login to and then goto to select the embed codefor the playlist

9. Web Poll Widget


10. What I am Listening


Add your favorite here ...

cool another widget blogger!

Welcome...hey your youtube link and iLike link are messed up.

also check out might want to change it to the Eleven best widgets...J/K

Good job!
Thanks for the message i have fixed that
us widget guys sometimes have to look out for each other.

Please consider JS-Kit Ratings widget, here:

It let's visitors rate each post and then displays the Top Rated posts in a sidebar window, here:

Thank you,


khris at
I'm Suggesting a news widget you may be interested in covering on your blog: came up in May 2007 accidentally. We were making a News delivery widget for our website and thought that the same could be useful for a lot of people on their blogs and websites. Hence the Widgetmate News widget was born. The News widget is a web widget that gives the facility to site owners and bloggers to place customizable news widget on their respective blogs and sites. The Widget is available in many flavors and can be placed in your blog or site sidebar, header, footer or wherever you like. The biggest difference between other similar widgets is that our news widget is highly customizable and can be blended into the destination web page look and feel completely. Hence it looks like an integral part of the user’s page. The widget has been very successful till date with over 1000 regular users. The news is keyword driven and the user can select a combination of keywords for the news he or she wants on the page. One can change the color, font, size and other attributes of widget as per their requirements. All widgets are java script based and their PHP versions are also available. The widget is compatible in regular html, php pages, blogger, wordpress, typepad and pretty much any commercial or free hosting. The widget is absolutely free to use. There are no charges nor any strings attached.

Widgetmate has been covered earlier as well on some blogs. The widgetslab entry is here . Widgetmate has been covered on the following blog posts:
What are the top 10 business-related widgets?
Here is an awesome list of widgets for blogs or websites that I found on google. It's similiar to yours.
There are so many widgets out there. It's hard to find the right one that people want to put on their site. I made a free hover ad creator for sits and giggles, but I haven't seen it appear anywhere but my own site.

Oh well.

Anyhow, good post. People need to know what widgets are helpful.

Devin T.
VestRite Internet Practices
***** for Alternative Healing and Holistic widgets visit
**************************** is an Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing, and Holistic Lifestyle Network!

thanks! =)
Hey guys, you should try PodiPodi, a special widget that gives webdesigner the chance to embed a command-line interface (similar to Enso/Quicksilver) into their website and empower it with new services: Google and Yahoo searches, find utility, forms, Google Gadgets and more!

Give it a try you could fall in love with it!
Just to keep this up-to-date! great widget that allows users a cooler perspective on viewing on-line video content. Working on adding to asap! Cool post!

-Brendan Kane
A fun widget to have on your site - deeLush cocktail recipe search widget.
Pure AJAX, search results and drink recipes load in the widget box without losing your visitors or reloading the page.
GoHoster is a free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes.
Thanq very much i just love dis post...:)

can you add its a free customizable polling widget that delivers real time results
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