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What is a Web Widget ?

A web widget is a mini-web application you can put in your web page, blog or social profile that can quickly and easily provide your visitors with, user specific information , extra functionality, and even a bit of fun and games.

A widget is available in a ready-to-use formats and are visually attractive and customizable by the user. It takes the form of pictures, graphs, statistics, summary, or just numbers.

Its a snippet of HTML code which is available from the the website which hosts the widget. you can "copy" that code and "embed" in your web page.

Overview of a Web Widget

The snippet of code which makes a Widget can be a JavaScript code, Adobe Flash plugin, code for embedding Windows Media player or even SilverLight plugin, and is hosted in the website which provides the Widget.

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How make a widget in javascript for MySpace plz? They say No when I try :(
Cool explanision about widgets. have some examples
can a widget contain information that can be protected by rights? and what type of protection would cover it? and if a widget is created can it then contact a mobile phone via the net? im not too sure about all the technological possibilities. thank you in advance :)

Widgets can display any kind of information. Some widget also needs the user to authenticate (login) before displaying information. For example a Google Calendar widget can display the personal events when the user logs in to the widget. Widgets are like window to the actual data, if a copyrighted data is provided on the net, the same copyrights hold for the data displayed in the widget. The data displayed on the Widget most of the time depends on the Widget provider.

A Widget as i said is just a window to an actual web application so if a website provides service to contact a mobile phone that servoce can be wrapped in a widget

Hope these answers your question.
another widget site to use is
try they have some really cool widgets
Just another site for widgets basically..this one uses excel sheets though. My company just released it and was testing. Trying to get the word out.
hai i am sagar , my task is make a web application with two widjets one widjets consisting of google page and the other widjet consists of some other thing. can anyone please say me the code to form a widjet it urgent.
Clear explanation :)
As far as I'm concerned, I create my own free widgets on
Anyone have good examples of transaction-enabled widgets, or B2B widgets?
I have a thesis on web 2.0 widgets . Can any one help with it if they have sample thesis papers written on this topic , so I can refer to it for my own.
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