Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Downloads for Developing Web Widgets

Downloads for the book Developing Web Widget with HTML, CSS, JSON and Ajax

  • Chapter Downloads
    • Section I – Web Widget
    • Chapter 1: Defining Web Widget
    • Chapter 2: Knowing Widget Architecture
    • Chapter 3: Designing an Effective Web Widget
    • Chapter 4: Understanding the Technology behind Web Widget
    • Chapter 5: Creating Hello World with HTML, CSS & JavaScript download
    • Section II – Developing a Web Widget for Prime Time
    • Chapter 6: Developing a Rating Widget with JSON and AJAX download
    • Chapter 7: Understanding Customization and Layout of a Web Widget download
    • Chapter 8: Securing the Widget at Client and Server Side download
    • Chapter 9: Making a High Performance Scalable Widget download
    • Section III – Advanced Web Widgets
    • Chapter 10: Creating RSS Widget with Ajax, Proxy Server and Feed APIs
    • Chapter 11: Developing Widget using Facebook APIs and UI Framework
    • Section IV
    • Appendix: Understanding Business Model of Web Widget
  • Download Everything in the book (Source code + Gadgets + Images + Templates) in a single zip file.

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Thanks, this is good ebook. But i cannot download. ?
Thinbang , I have checked all the download links again. they are working.

Can you check you internet/proxy connection and try to download again.

Rajesh Lal
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